About Us

We create designer solutions for organic urban agriculture that offer great functionality, but are also a beautiful decoration object for indoor and outdoor areas.

Our Dream

Milagros Urbanos™ (Urban Miracles)- Botanical Revolution is inspired by the vision of making it possible for every city person to proudly grow vegetables and herbs organically; transforming the urban orchard in a decoration object for indoor and outdoor spaces.

We dream of more ecological homes, in which we use resources rationally, recycling and composting our organic waste…a world where human beings respect and love nature with all our hearts, a well-nourished world.

Our Vision

In 2020 MILAGROS URBANOS- REVOLUCION BOTANICA (in English Urban Miracles- Botanical Revolution) will be a recognized brand among urban gardeners of all ages in the Latin American Region.

We will be an organization that continuously sets trends in solutions for urban agriculture, identifying opportunities for material recycling, with a fresh and elegant style, so that they become functional objects and decoration at the same time.

Our team will be integrated by people with self- motivation, passionate about our brand, who love and respect nature, enjoy a healthy lifestyle, are very optimistic and fun to be with.